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[22 Feb 2007|02:32pm]
i hate being alone

is it ok to admit that?
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looks like University of Illinois! [05 Feb 2007|05:12pm]
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wish me a happy valentine's day when you call! [30 Jan 2007|04:29pm]
[ mood | down ]

"Random thoughts for Valentine's Day, 2007:

Today is a holiday invented by greeting card companies
to make people feel like crap."

i want a Valentine
i dont think he is mine even though he acts like it a lot
and now we're both back at school, & there are no boys here
but i think there are plenty of girls there.
but i like it when he is hereee with me
and now all [i think] i want is summer
& to wear dresses and be tan and outside w/o my ears freezing and kissing a lot a lot.

actually i don't even know what i want
(aside from these)Collapse )

i wish my friends went to school closer to me
they are hours away
i miss them so much while i'm here
even though i have friends here, its not the same
im lucky to have them though, even if they are far...

my room is so messy
my plant is so moody
my classes are boring

thks for reading
how are you doing?
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its been realllll [13 Jan 2007|02:20pm]
I'm having mixed feelings about going back to school;
Home has been so nice to me lately:

I'm not stressed out by meaningless schoolwork
I see my girl friends every single night & feel closer to them than ever
I kiss the same loverly boy at every party
& when the day is done, I have my own room to sleep in.

I wish I had another week.
Actually, I just wish it were summer.

xo noraleigh
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happy? new year [01 Jan 2007|07:30pm]
I think I heard someplace once that the way one spends her New Year's Eve pretty much dictates the events of that impending year.

Well, this one was pretty much spent like the one that ushered in 2006:

I stayed up way too late drinking cheap beer with friends, made out with the same boy, eventually passed out with said boy on a couch not meant to sleep two, and woke up feeling rather disillusioned.

But mannn, I really hope 2007 is different.

oh.Collapse )

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me+conor=twinz [05 Oct 2006|11:45pm]
[ mood | omg ]

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17-yr-old girl [04 Oct 2006|09:48am]
Last night, a freshman girl was crossing the street to get to the Hyatt
when she was hit by a car
her neck was broken
she was taken to the hospital
where she died shortly after

this is so completely terrible
i didnt know her, but she was a friend of my roommate, who stayed at the hospital overnight
i had no idea that she died until right now

i feel so bad... i hate that theres nothing to be done
and i fucking hate the Hyatt

news video:
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[22 Sep 2006|02:00pm]
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i cried when Bindi read at the memorial :,( [20 Sep 2006|03:53pm]
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[08 Sep 2006|08:24pm]
hahahaha what was i thinking???

...boys dont like me!
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mirrors [06 Apr 2006|11:39am]
[ mood | lazy ]

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just did this [20 Sep 2005|07:55pm]
i drew a picture of my brother, Greg, becauseee i haven't seen him in exactly a month and its pretty weird.

some detailsCollapse )

i actually cant even tell if it really looks like him; i'm pretty sure it does, though.
i havent drawn since December so cut me some slack!!

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